New Solid Home Care Range

Posted 8th February 2024

Laundry soap bar in basin with clothes

Kick-start the New Year with Soapworks’ new ‘Off the Shelf’ solid home care range for a cleaner, greener 2024!

We’re excited to announce the launch of two high-performing home care bars that tap into the growing market for sustainable eco-living:

Stain Erase Laundry Bar

High-performing stain removal and laundry bar with a powerful stain removal active to remove a wide range of everyday stains. A refreshing white cotton fragrance leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Eco-Essence Organic Home Care Bar

A multi-purpose bar with natural, organic ingredients, it’s ideal for laundry, dishwashing, and surface cleaning. Formulated with rosemary essential oil, known for its strong antibacterial properties, and kaolin clay to help tackle tough stains. This high-performing bar doubles as a nourishing hand soap with soothing aloe vera.

As part of our ‘Off the Shelf’ range, we can support you from concept to launch quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Are you ready to clean up in solid-format home care? Then get in touch today!

Check out the brochure here!

Soap bar with natural ingredients

An exciting range of eco-friendly, solid format laundry and stain removal products which tick the box for eco-conscious consumers.