Soap Gives Hope Donation – Ukraine

Posted 19th June 2024

Picture of charity soap donation for Ukraine

In partnership with Glasgow the Caring City, Soapworks has recently donated nearly 100,000 soap bars to support families affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

The donation is destined for Ukraine, with a section also delivered to Poland and Moldova. We are proud to have partnered with Operation Compassion, a trusted organisation with a proven track record in aid distribution and management. Their expertise ensures that our soap bars reach the families who need them most.

These soaps provide vital hygiene for displaced families living in challenging conditions. As temperatures rise, the risk of waterborne diseases and infections escalates.

Soap is a crucial tool in preventing these health threats. Displaced families also often reside in temporary shelters with limited access to clean water, making hygiene a significant concern. This donation will help mitigate the spread of diseases, enabling families to maintain essential hygiene practices.

Pallet box of charity bar soaps

Soapworks has partnered with Glasgow the Caring City to donate nearly 100,000 soap bars to help displaced families in Ukraine.