Sustainability & COP26 Glasgow:
How Soapworks are bringing back the bar

Posted 8th October 2021

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COP26 – The 26th UN Climate Change Summit, is being held in our home city of Glasgow this November. The summit will bring countries from across the world together, to help accelerate the actions needed to tackle climate change.

COP26 has set some ambitious goals, including securing net-zero by 2050, protecting and restoring the world’s ecosystems, curtailing deforestation and encouraging a switch towards electric cars and renewable energy.

At Soapworks, we believe that if these goals are going to be achieved, every business needs to play its part – which is why we’re taking action and making changes to help secure a sustainable future.

In part one of our two-part blog, here’s what we’re doing to make a difference.

Bar Soap – The Eco-friendly Alternative

Every year, UK households use 13 billion plastic bottles, with a percentage of those being used for toiletries and personal care products.[1] 5.5 billion of these are not recycled and are instead littered, landfilled or incinerated which has a devastating impact on natural habitats and human well-being.

At Soapworks, we believe that going ‘back to bar’ provides the sustainable solution. By switching from liquid handwash, facial cleansers and shampoos to bar soap, facial cleansing bars, and solid format haircare, we can eliminate the need for unnecessary disposable plastic bottles.

Switching to bar format cleansers doesn’t just help to cut down on plastic, it’s also more sustainable from a production perspective as it requires significantly lower amounts of water. The format is also more space efficient – this means less wasted space on pallets, and a lower carbon footprint compared to a liquid equivalent.

We’re investing in actively promoting the sustainability benefits of bar format to encourage beauty brands, retailers and consumers across the UK and beyond to make a simple change that delivers huge benefits.

DAABON Group – Committed to Net Zero by 2040

Soapworks is part of the DAABON group of companies – committed to doing business in the right way for the benefit of people, wildlife, and the planet.

The DAABON group is truly passionate about sustainability. It has world leading policies designed to help protect ecosystems and communities, while minimising its impact on the environment through a zero deforestation, organic approach to agriculture.

DAABON is a signatory of the Climate Pledge – which calls on businesses to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement 10 years early, by going net zero carbon by 2040.

At Soapworks we are also continuously striving to enhance our sustainability credentials.  In addition to producing a product that is inherently more environmentally friendly, this dedication is demonstrable through the accreditations we hold as a business. We are proud to have achieved an EcoVadis ‘Gold Award’ for our sustainability management systems which place us in the top 5% of companies rated in our sector. Our business is also RSPO, COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural certified. We are also investing in modern technologies and state-of-art production lines to help lower our carbon footprint.

To find out more about how we are putting this into practice, stay tuned for the next release of our two-part blog which explains how the ways in which we manufacture and distribute our product are inspiring positive change.

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Soapworks Bar Soaps

“Switching to bar format cleansers doesn’t just help to cut down on plastic, it’s also more sustainable from a production perspective as it requires significantly lower amounts of water.”